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Bangkok travel is a haven for those who are adventurous and love creative chaos and a nightmare for those who value their personal space and do not want to get lost among jostling, exuberant crowds or deal with heavy traffic and hot weather. However, this dynamic city has so much on offer for your enjoyment, that you will not want to miss the opportunity to stay at one of the Bangkok hotels .

Come to Bangkok, a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours, an irresistible mix of East and West - glittering skyscrapers shoulder-to-shoulder with luxury Bangkok hotels and magnificent temples will all contribute to make it an unforgettable holiday or wedding journey!

Bangkok is a curious mix of tradition and modernity and you will find something unexpected on every street. Contemporarily styled Bangkok hotels and offices overlook shoddy buildings that sit next to intricately sculpted temples with beautiful gardens. On this site you can learn the history of the famous Khao San Road and inform yourself about the political situation in Bangkok.

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Bangkok Destination Guide


Bangkok is an intoxicating experience for many reasons. Bangkok travel is a heady mix of oriental charm, fascinating sights, and mouth-watering aromas. It is best described as an onion whose skins peel away layer by layer to reveal new and exciting Bangkok travel secrets. All you need is the heart and courage of an explorer. Here treasures wait for you. Make ... Read More »

Hotels in Bangkok Riverside

Ramada Plaza Menam Riverside Bangkok Location: Bangkok Riverside From: THB 3,950 The Ramada Plaza Menam Riverside Bangkok is an large 5 star Bangkok property offering a great selection of modern and tastefully decorated hotel rooms and suites together with a fantastic range of facilities and services for both the leisure and business traveller. Located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, this ... Read More »

Bangkok Local Events

Bangkok loy krathong

Festivals, cultural celebrations and events play a big role in Thai life, and are usually a lot of fun. Apart from the annual and religious celebrations, all sorts of other Bangkok events happen regularly throughout the year that will help fill up your Bangkok travel plans. No matter what time or month you are heading to Bangkok, you are most likely to ... Read More »

Weather in Bangkok

Bangkok weather

Bangkok’s weather is tropical and therefore hot and humid pretty much year round. The rainy season runs from June to September whilst March to May sees the onset of the hot season with regular temperatures of 40°C (104°F). October until February is the best time to make your Bangkok travel plans, when it is milder and dryer, with temperatures sitting between 25°C and 28°C (77°F to ... Read More »

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