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Bangkok loy krathong

Festivals, cultural celebrations and events play a big role in Thai life, and are usually a lot of fun. Apart from the annual and religious celebrations, all sorts of other Bangkok events happen regularly throughout the year that will help fill up your Bangkok travel plans. No matter what time or month you are heading to Bangkok, you are most likely to find something is going on. Therefore, it is important to book your Bangkok guesthouse or Bangkok hotel in advance. Check out the latest news and events in Bangkok below.

Loy Krathong

Place: Bangkok (8 Nov 2011 – 10 Nov 2011)

Some of the most beautiful sights are the festivities relating to the Loy Kratong, held on the night of November’s full moon. All over the country, little floats (kratong) are made from banana trunks, flowers and candles and set afloat on the water.

King’s Birthday

Place: Bangkok (5 Dec 2011)

The King’s Birthday is on the 5th December. The King is much revered throughout Thailand, and all Thais celebrate his birthday, with government buildings, private homes, businesses and the palace especially illuminated.


Place: Bangkok (13 Apr 2012 – 15 Apr 2012)

Songkran is a festival held to celebrate the Thai New Year which falls in mid-April. The Bangkok Songkran celebrations are very popular as there are plenty of fun activities integrated with several religious rituals.

Buddha’s Birthday

Place: Bangkok (15 May 2012)

On May 15th, local Buddhist Temples celebrate this day by holding candlelit processions. A tourist can take part in these parades and it can prove great fun, although proper respect should be shown.

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