Weather in Bangkok

Bangkok weatherBangkok’s weather is tropical and therefore hot and humid pretty much year round. The rainy season runs from June to September whilst March to May sees the onset of the hot season with regular temperatures of 40°C (104°F). October until February is the best time to make your Bangkok travel plans, when it is milder and dryer, with temperatures sitting between 25°C and 28°C (77°F to 82°F). Although humidity is still high at this time, there is an occasional shower and light breezes which provide a break from the heat. Because this is a popular time to visit, it is important that you book your Bangkok hotel in advance.

Due to its location in the tropics, Thailand is always hot and your best bet would be to visit the country between November and March, which is the dry season. The rainy season is a bad time to go as it is too humid, and during this time short violent downpours often flood the streets of Bangkok hence making it a nightmare to get around.

We have provided you with the latest Bangkok Weather Forecast below, to help you start your Bangkok holiday. We’re also your local resource for up-to-date Bangkok information. Read about the famous Khao San Road and find out about the political climate in Bangkok.

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